Brett Leigh Dicks industry Goods

We make industry strength hydraulic and submersible pumps.

Providing reliable and durable products in various industries like agricultural field engineered to cut energy and life-cycle costs of ownership.

A Few Accomplishments

From Water Pumps to Hydraulic Pumps, We Help Efficiently Move Your Water The movement of water; it’s what Brett Leigh Dicks Industry is all about.

It’s also why we’re one of the world leaders in pumping applications to transport, transfer and control the discharge, capacity and flow of liquids from one point to another — for a wide array of conditions and environments. From beverage dispensing and boiler feed to irrigation, dewatering, and even fire protection, we offer efficient, effective, easy-to-install fluid solutions, such as wastewater and water pumps, for all of your pumping applications – no matter the size or scope of your project.

Boiler Feed

Offering a broad line of hydraulic pumps and accessories for feeding and controlling boilers that provide for boiler safety and operation.

Dewatering, Bypass & Drainage

We are world leaders in providing tough, portable and reliable pumps for dewatering, bypass and drainage applications.

Fire Protection

Developing, designing, and custom-building a wide range of water pump systems for fire protection services for more than 80 years.


Making buildings more comfortable, productive and healthy through the development of new, efficient HVAC systems.


Providing reliable and durable products in the agricultural field engineered to cut energy and life-cycle costs of ownership.

Machine Tool Cooling

Focusing primarily on water pumps and accessories used to cool a wide array of heat-sensitive machinery.

Marine & RV Systems

Covering the land and the sea with durable and reliable water, submersible and accessory products that help to keep boat and RV owners comfortable and safe.

Sludge Handling

Offering reliable and efficient dry-installed and submersible pumps and solutions for handling sludge in wastewater treatment processes.

Wastewater & Stormwater Handling

Transporting and managing wastewater through a range of pumping solutions throughout the wastewater treatment process.

Water Supply & Handling

Delivering a broad portfolio of pumps and related products to support the collection, distribution, treatment and return of water to the environment.

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